" John is very approachable and I found his bodyscan meditation classes so relaxing. I used it to help me get to sleep at night and it worked!"

Barbara - Community involvement manager, North London.

" John's meditation sessions are handled very sensitively and professionally. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking to understand more about themselves or the spiritual element within them or around them. "

Bruce. Money Adviser and Member of Effra Road Chapel.

" John's approach to meditation is refreshing, gentle and poignant in understanding ourselves, the global village as well as the universe. *

Sue - Administrator, South London.

" Thank you so much for all your useful advice. I feel I've achieved miles, and more importantly I'm really motivated about making this a part of my daily life.

I'm really grateful for the impact this course * has had on my enjoyment of meditation, on the quality of my practice and on my life. "

* 2013 Introduction to Meditation Course held over seven weeks at Friend's Meeting House, St Martin's Lane, Westminster.

Jean Francois - Internet consultant, London. .

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