Online Retreats

I run a two day online retreat starting on the first Saturday of every month. Over the two days I introduce the four related positive emotion meditations with each one being followed by an hour where you can engage in some form of creative activity. This can range from creating a drawing through writing (eg. about a previous period of one's life) to a physical pracice such as dance etc.

I have found that each type of meditation can enhance a particular aspect of our creativity which can then give us an immediate physical feedback of the wider effect of the practice on us.

Retreat Format

The retreat runs over Saturday and Sunday, starting at around 11am with a brief introduction to the day by myself. This is then followed by a description of the first meditation of the day whih I then lead for the next half hour. The meditation is then immediately followed at around twelve oclock by retreatants coming offline and embarking on some creative activity for the following hour if they wish. As far as the activity goes if you plan to do some kind of drawing I would suggest using a fairly large pad, the better the quality the better the experience and picture. I would suggest using a fairly soft pencil 6B would be good and good quality crayons or pastels etc. for colour. For creative writing its best to use a pencil or fountain pen. Alternately you can simply take a quiet walk or even make a mindful meal - for mindful eating ! Or you can simply sit in mindful silence for each hour - it's up to you. Once this hour is up we continue offline for a further hour long break for lunch. This is suggested to be taken in as near to silence as one can manage.

We meet up again at 2pm for the introduction to the afternoon's mediation session which then follows on as before. Again once this session has concluded retreatants can embark on anoather hour or so of creative activity up until around 3.45 pm. You can then go back online to hear me conclude the retreat with a summing up which will probably end at around 4pm. The following day repeats this format from our initial meeting up at 11am to my final summing up which will conclude at around 4pm.

There is no charge for attending the retreat. However if you have appreciated doing it you might like to consider leaving a donation (18 pounds is suggested for the two days) via the donation section on the home page.

If you would like to participate in our next retreat please send your name and email address to me at:

I shall send you further details and a link to allow you to join the session.

I hope to see you soon !

John Bradford

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