Here are some examples of work produced during previous meditation and creativity sessions (click on image for enlargement):

Photography by Elisa

Sculpture with Karuna

Sculpture with Mudita

Sculpture with Upeksha

Sculpture with Metta

Indian dance by Elisa

Elisa dance with Upeksha

Elisa dance with Metta

Artwork by Nicki

Fantasy with Karuna

Fantasy with Mudita

Fantasy with Metta

Artwork by Jean

First with Karuna

First with Mudita

First with Upeksha

First with Metta

Second with Karuna

Second with Mudita

Second with Upeksha

                        Second with Metta

Karuna stage outline

Mudita stage added

Metta stage added

Upeksha stages added

John's Memoirs

Click on each title to view textfile

Memoir with Karuna

Memoir with Mudita

Memoir with Metta

Memoir with Upeksha

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